06 September 2010

Travels in the PNW

Our Labor Day weekend travels brought us to many peaceful places--
to the top of mountains,
into and past woodlands,
past many fields--both empty and those with crops still not harvested,
over and beside rivers and creeks,
to places of PNW history and culture--
then finally,
to a place I knew would speak even more joy, peace and beauty to my soul--
a place also located on a 'mountain' of sorts.
A place where people have gone to for a long time to do the very thing I wished to do
But before we get to that place,
here are some other photos from our 4 day weekend--
hope you enjoy them :)

A small, historic church we passed during our travels

A field being worked-

I love the green contrasted with the gold and blue.
I love a lot about this photo actually-
I have a lot of respect for farmers,
my adopted 'dad' -
my best friend's dad-
was a farmer...
I miss his smile, wit and love of life!

Not too bad of a shot considering it was taken from a moving vehicle!

Not sure I saw the trees and field until I was processing it;
now I like it even more:)
I often find 'surprises' like this!

A view of the beautiful Cascade Mountain range that can be found in
both Washington and Oregon.
I took this photo, though, because I liked the lines formed by the poles --
I love the patterns and lines that are found all around us-
in nature, on buildings and just about everywhere you look!

And the last one for tonight
a beautiful town church as seen from a nearby field.
Now this speaks peace to me:)
Blessings from the PNW,
I want to take a moment
to thank both visitors and those who have been following my blog!
Your presence here is always appreciated,
and my sincere hope
is that you will leave my little place on the web feeling blessed!
Peace always -- A.

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