08 September 2010

A Touch of Germany--in America

I knew where I wanted to go on the Sunday of our recent 4 day holiday weekend-

it was a place I remembered well.

A place where I had spent some happy times

with friends and family many years ago...

a place proud of its cultural and religious heritage-

And a place where a little bit of Bavaria lives on,

in the heart of those whose ancestors came from Germany long ago


--for awhile--

in the heart of those who come to visit,

including this great-great granddaughter of German immigrants.

It is Mt Angel,

a town

located in the Willamette Valley

of Oregon,

between the coast range and Cascade Mts.

A pretty place

where you will find...

dancing children-

during Oktoberfest


always over the water in this fountain!

Unique public art--

like this decorated pole and...

a glockenspiel

(which unfortunately we had just missed)

Here is a closer look at the paintings on the tower though:)

Lots of flowers--
in window boxes

and in beautiful hanging baskets.

There you will also find a beautiful historic church.

A town resident told us that many places,

including this church,

had suffered damage in an earthquake in the early 1990's and had to

undergo a lot of repair work to make it safe to use again.

I am glad that the repair work was successful!

You can see the church from quite a few places in town because it is so tall

and because it was built on a slope above the downtown district.

This is the church from the rear.


I do love historic churches

--from the small, simple, pioneer ones--

to those that are large and more ornate.


I also love towns and cities

which make an effort to preserve their history!


Do you have a favorite historic church?

A favorite town that celebrates its heritage?

Feel free to share...




Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Did I ev er tell you that I lived in Germany for three years? These photos are great...and I remember seeing hanging flower baskets at just about EVERY single house I ever walked past etc...:) :) :) They really make any building beautiful!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

I remember you saying that--and that you lived in Norway for awhile too. How exciting!! What part of Germany did you live in? Some of my ancestors came from there.
I love seeing the hanging baskets -- they add such a beauty, as you said, to any building!
Blessings, A

aimee said...

I forgot to mention that Leavenworth, in central WA, is also a town that has a Bavarian feel to it.
We have stayed there before - at a B & B run by a Norwegian lady who has since passed away. The area is gorgeous with mountains and there are beautiful Bavarian details everywhere you look!
Blessings, A

Grandma Becky said...

I am really close to this place, like 15 miles. My daughter was here over the weekend for the Oktberfest on Sat. Nice place.

aimee said...

I wanted to go to Oktoberfest this year or the Quilt/Craft show in Vernonia but the weather was kind of iffy--or at least so we thought; ended up going to a national wildlife refuge instead where I didn't get too wet Hope your daughter had a lot of fun--I went quite a few years ago and loved it!
It would be great to meet you someday! I kinda feel I already know you by your blog posts!

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