13 September 2010

A Walk Through PNW History: Thompson's Mill (pt 2)

So where did I leave you? Oh that's right..
inside the mill gazing out at the peaceful view of the pond outside.
Now, on such a gorgeous sunny day, I would be happy to just pull up a chair and rock there in that sunny place...but we have some more places to explore so we better get going!

The park staff will help guide you to the area across the river--you'll be glad they did! Then they will leave you to spend some time exploring the areas there.
I love reflections--they say peace to me,
and they provide a pretty easy way to see parts of the building you don't normally look at!
Down by the river---you can also see this area if you walk to the farthest side of the building.
Tranquil. I would LOVE to see this same area once the autumn colors really begin to show--
or after a winter's snowfall...or on a foggy day.
The mill from the 'other side'.

Oh and did I say there is a millkeeper's home here?
A QUEEN ANNE house...I LOVE Queen Anne houses!

A closer view--I don't think the home is open for tours yet,
but I would LOVE to see the interior! Can you imagine sitting out on this porch on a warm day and having some tea?
And maybe a slice of warm, just baked whole wheat bread--milled just a few steps from your door? Yum, that thought makes me hungry:)

And for every Queen Anne home...there should be a carriage house, don't you think? And there WAS:)
Well we have come to the end of my tour of Thompson Mills--and although I've shown you a glimpse into it, there is no way I could show you everything---there is no way you could experience the sounds and the smells without being there! So if you love history, or mechanical equipment, or have a desire to know more about Oregon's past...well you know! GO visit!


Notes: At the site you will find signs to warn you of the things one normally finds at old, historical properties--so be sure to watch for uneven flooring, roped/gated off places and keep your eyes open as you walk through a bit of the PNW's history...and enjoy yourselves!

More info on this site can be found here.
You will also find a video tour at that site.
Lastly, a BIG thank you to the park staff and volunteers at Thompson Mills for all their assistance, for their hard work in saving this beautiful piece of history and for giving me permission to post these photos. TY!

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