29 January 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time Aimee had a dream

a dream of a perfect valley located near her beloved coast range.
A valley which had trees draped in silvery moss
and green moss too

a place of evergreen trees and a clear blue sky above
a place of beauty in all seasons --
even in the middle of winter

a magical place full of mystery
And she dreamed and dreamed of such a place
until one night,
thanks to the wonder of the Internet,
Aimee found there was such a valley and so soon
she set off with family and a friend to explore it.
It was a perfect winter day for traveling.
And when they finally reached this perfect valley,
everything was even better then she had dreamed of--
for besides the beautiful moss-
the wonderful forests-
the incredible view of the coast range-
and many other wonderful things-
there also just happened to be an old covered bridge there.
And Aimee loves covered bridges!

It was a wonderful bridge which had windows
that overlooked the river it was built over.

A bridge which no longer knew the feel of cars across its plank flooring,
but knew the sounds of happy children and families eating and playing there

And then the dream ended,
and Aimee woke up.

But her dream wasn't really over,
it was actually just the beginning
and there was a lot more to see.

(To be continued)
All photos taken January 2011 along the King's Valley Highway,
NW Oregon.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, cute!!! I love covered bridges, too. They have an air of vintage and romance . Thi sis really sweet that this bridge is now used to give shelter to families, young kids etc. That's a really neat use for the bridge!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of your story :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

I love them a lot--they make it easy to pretend that I am living in a different time! I almost packed my pioneer dress for the trip!
I think it's awesome that they didn't tear down the bridge but kept it for people to have picnics in or just enjoy the experience of being there (the highway and new bridge are next to it)! I am sure people of all ages enjoy it--I know I did! I found out from my sibling that at least one bridge has been used for square dancing--that would be neat too!
Part 2 of the story will take you to a place of swans and geese:) It also was amazing!

Have a great weekend Heather!

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