13 July 2012

Another Day; Another Beautiful Covered Bridge

Vintage things, antiques, historical items and places.
I never grow tired of seeing things of our  past.
In fact, as I type this, I am currently looking for a particular vintage item:)
We will see what happens with this new dream of mine...
One of the things I love most of all these categories are covered bridges;
I just cannot get enough of walking and sometimes even driving through them.
So far I've been to quite a few covered bridges:
In Benton County, OR
Harris, Wren area
(located south of the Ritner Covered Bridge)
In Linn County, Oregon
Short, Cascadia area
 (also seen in the link below)
Weddle, Sweet Home
(the link also has photos I took of the following) 
the Dahlenburg Covered Foot Bridge and the
Whitmore Covered Foot Bridge).
(this link also has photos I took of the following)
In Polk County, OR
Ritner, near Pedee
Recently we added another one---#10 for me:
the beautiful Drift Creek Covered Bridge, located in the Rose Lodge area of Lincoln County!
How many years had I passed the sign about it on the way to the central coast of Oregon.
Always wondering, always curious to see it.
This weekend we passed that sign again, twice,
and this time, we turned:)
The Drift Creek Covered Bridge was rescued by a local family who rebuilt and restored it.
The story of how that happened is an amazing story of how God works in His children's lives and faith.
If you go (it is less than one mile off Highway 18) you can read this story;
you can even take home a copy of it
(free copies are available on a bench located inside the bridge).
 I am SO thankful that they were able to save this bridge!
Located in a peaceful, rural area not far from its original home on Drift Creek
(BTW--my hubby remembers seeing this bridge when he was younger;
I am SO jealous...I should remember it too and I don't.
But I have memories of it now.
And now...
how many more covered bridges will I get to see this year?
And which ones to see...there are SO many:)
Have you ever been to a covered bridge?
a historic church, general store or schoolhouse?
(My grandma taught in a one room schoolhouse)
a fort or an old home?
(We lived in one old house when I was a teen.
It had a claw foot bathtub,
built in storage, glass doors and more.
 I didn't like it much then;
I feel much different about it today)
Have you ever ridden in an old truck or car?
(We used to own a car from the 1940's)
Do you think historic preservation is important?
(I do)
Has God ever worked a miracle in your or your family's life?
Would you like to share it?
(If so I would love to hear it! You can leave a comment or link to that story on your blog;
if you want to stay anonymous just use the drop down menu on the comment feature.)



by Teresa said...

I adore the covered bridges too. You're full of questions today! We have a clawfoot tub in our guest bathroom here in our old farmhouse. Also a wall mount toilet that you have to pull a cord to flush it. Yep, I've ridden in an old car and we actually have a 1927 Chevy in our barn, but it doesn't run. Yes, I think historic preservation is important!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I would LOVE your guest bathroom! Besides living in that one older house, I stayed in a Victorian home in SE Portland (in the tower) and loved it!
You have a 1927 Chevy? Awesome! Hope you one day are able to restore it and get it running.
Re: historic preservation...I knew you did:)
Have a great weekend.
PS: I am always full of questions...

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