12 July 2012

Of Gooseberries: A repost with updates

This morning my best friend came over and picked most of our gooseberries--which was awesome because it has been really warm out and I don't deal well with the heat. However, when she finished and took home the ones she wanted, I was left when the most time consuming task of pulling the tips and tails off these little jewels of the garden.
As of now, I still have at least 1/2 bucket left to do which I will finish in the morning as I am spending the night at my sibs.

For those of you who may not be familiar with these totally yummy fruits here goes...a repost from a few years ago:)

Today I spent a LOT of quality time removing the tips and tails from what was left of our garden's gooseberries. It was interesting...and a bit maddening. Actually it was a lot maddening but worth it..
Now, for those of you who've eaten a gooseberry before you'll understand why someone would be willing to spend hours and hours to preserve these delightful, totally yummy berries--for the rest of you let me tell you about my almost poetic love for them in hopes that you, too, will try some.

How do I love thee oh lovely berry of green? Let me count the ways.

1) You taste a bit like a lemon when you aren't totally ripe and I -- am the original lemon lover. For those of you who like their fruit sweeter, every recipe I have seen calls for sugar so you'll be happy too.
2) When you ripen totally you're a bit like a kiwi, sort of like the gold kiwis I bought last month. Yummy and sweeter then before.

3) You're a pretty little berry--all nice and green (actually I understand some of you come in red too) with a totally cool round design. So cute!!! Update: since this post I have eaten some of the red ones and they are fabulous; so good, in fact, that I am thinking of planting a red gooseberry!
4) I am told that you make the best pies and other desserts. I will soon know that for sure, for tomorrow -- if it isn't HOT again -- will be baking day around here:)
5) Preparing you for preservation takes a LOT of time and patience, and I need to practice the latter (actually picking you takes a lot of time and patience too--and a watchful eye for thorns.)

Have any of you ever tried gooseberries and what did you think of them?

Blessings from the land of gooseberries + (update) very sore fingers,

Gooseberries, before the tips and tails were removed. I read that you can do this with either a knife or your fingers, I used the latter and it worked well for me. Update: well=works, but takes LOTS of time.  Of course, you can help yourselves to the yummy little things to keep your strength and energy up...there are benefits you know to this process.

Gooseberries, after the tips and tails were removed.
Gooseberries in quart freezer bags (about 3 cups per bag). Dry packed without sugar. Update: today I put 4 cups per quart freezer bag; after all they hold 4 cups and I didn't want to waste bags.


by Teresa said...

That's neat that you love those gooseberries.. to me they are just a bit too sour! :-) But I'm glad you got help picking them! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Good Friday morn to you!
Try gooseberries with sugar--or try the red ones (they are a dessert variety); they're MUCH sweeter...both my best friend and I love them:)

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