16 July 2012

Lavender Weekend

Good Monday afternoon!
I hope today finds you well and surrounded by love.
This last weekend was quite a busy but enjoyable one for me as we toured 6 of the farms/venues of the Lavender Festival! It was a wonderful weekend and I will tell (and show) you about it as soon as I can, but first we have our own lavender harvest to take care of--all 9 plants or so:)
Have a great day and share a smile with those you meet!
You never know what a difference such a simple gesture will make.

A field of lavender at the beautiful Lavender Valley farm in Hood River, Oregon (taken 2009).


by Teresa said...

There is a little lavender farm on the way to Vista House, I will be buying a bunch from them to make sachets. Just let me know when you want to join Gracie and I for lunch. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I didn't know about that farm. I bet it is beautiful considering the gorgeous location there!
Making sachets out of lavender sounds quite delightful--just hanging ours to dry today was quite a fragrant experience:)
I will let you know about lunch. Would it be OK to bring my best friend? It would not be for awhile as my daughter and 2 of my grandkids are visiting fairly soon.

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