20 July 2012


I was going to post this morning about another lavender farm;
about the beauty of the world around us;
about a day filled with peace and many blessings.
I can't.
Last night, I stayed with my father and awoke in the early morning to reports
of the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.
I cannot make sense of this;
I didn't understand Columbine, Virginia Tech, Norway or any of the other mass shootings.
I've never been able to understand the mentality of someone who could take life like this--
so callously, so coldly and in such a calculated manner;
I cannot make sense of someone who would knowingly choose to hurt so many families,
including his own.
God did not create us to be like this;
He created us to love one another--as He loved us.
He condemns acts such as this one.
On this very sad day I send prayers and thoughts
 to those who have lost loved ones,
to those who are wounded and in hospitals-
some fighting for their lives at this very moment,
 to medical staff using every skill they have to save the wounded and heal broken bodies,
to firemen and the police who are dealing with the aftermath
(and those still in danger)
and to the family of this young man.
Lord, be with us on this very sad, very horrible day.
God, bring healing to our land
and the ones that follow it.
God bless,


by Teresa said...

Hi Aimee.. I agree completely with what you said. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to do this kind of thing. ::sigh:: T

aimee said...

Hi, Teresa~
Yes, so tragic and unbelievable :(
Blessings this day,

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