14 January 2011

A Look Back at 2010: Pacific NW Photo Potpourri

It's pleasant fragrance follows me home
the salty smell of the seashore

the fresh, clean aroma of the foothills and mountains

the earthy perfume of the woodlands and forests

It is the scent of nature

it is the fragrant potpourri of the PNW
It is that sweet something that satisfies me to my very soul
and yet

always leaves me wanting more

What does your area's potpourri smell like?
coast at sunset (there were people riding the waves)
(3 photos) along the Three Rivers highway
(LOVE that place!)
View from Ft Yamhill
(so have to go back there! Somewhere I have a photo of the historic blockhouse that was moved quite a long time ago to a small town about 1/2 hour or so away from the fort site)
This is probably the Nehalem Valley--not too far from the Sunset Highway
(yes I love the names of the PNW roads)
(3 photos) trail in the foothills of NW Oregon


Grandma Becky said...

You visit the places I like as well. It's nice to live so close to farm land. It's right behind us! Or just go over the freeway and into our little berg! Like the view of the mountain and hills. Hugs and thanks for visiting my blog again. Love it when you drop in! Hugs!

marit said...

Gorgeous photos! They make me want to go there!

Thank you so mch for your comment on my blog! Always good hearing from you:-)We are having rain and icy roads- my 18yearold will be off diving later tonight to pick up some friends, and it scares me!

Have a nice weekend:-)

aimee said...

Hey Grandma Becky!
I feel so blessed living in the PNW--we have so many beautiful areas in Oregon & Washington! Looking forward to seeing more when the monsoon season stops:)

Did you see the news report the other day that showed Multnomah Falls partially frozen (like your beautiful photo)? It was SO INCREDIBLE!

Love visiting and my pleasure! I feel VERY strongly about our local farmers--talked to one this year that is closing down. Such news makes you want to cry!


aimee said...

Hey, Marit!
Thank you SO much for your very kind comment! I hope you are able to come sometime and see this area in person! I was told by a man at a Scandinavian Festival once that parts of Oregon look very similar to parts of Norway; I know parts of Washington state does too--we even have our very own fjord there:)

Oh, I SO know what you mean about our children driving in snow, rain and ice! Prayers of safety going out for their safety and your peace!

Hoping you have a great and blessed weekend also and you are welcome; I LOVE visiting your blog:)

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