11 January 2011

A Look Back at 2010: Autumn in the PNW-Pt 2

I had never been to this area before--
close by, yes, but close was definitely not close enough!
Needless to say--
I LOVED this mountain valley and wondered what took us so long to go there.

It is located in Oregon's coast range,
I might have already said that.
Remember the park we just visited?
One of the trails that runs through that park, originates in the little town of Banks
and ends in the historic town of Vernonia,
another little town.
Re: the trestle pictured above.
I read that when you're on that trail,
you get to cross trestles like this one.
I LOVE trestles,
the view looking up to them is perfect!
Just like the trail,
our goal was the historic town of Vernonia
and Mediterranean food!
This is
some of the autumn color we saw that day.
See the blue sky?
The PNW usually has awesome early fall weather!
-Now, just so you know, I am currently in a race.
That's right--even though it is not (I hope) too evident on these 2 posts,
I am racing the clock because soon my DH will be up
and he will need his laptop-
in fact he has every intention of taking it to work today
and so things are going to get a little wierd now...
because I have a lot of photos of the Vernonia area
and no time to post them.
So we're going to get unchronological here
(hum, is that even a word? My sleep deprived brain is getting tired now)
Of course if you've never been to this area,
this fact won't bother you at all.
And actually we could have done it this way.
So I really didn't need to mention it:)
So here we go on a little detour to a park located in the valley,

Gorgeous view on the way (or the way back)
Into the park area
A new friend we met there.
He (or she) was VERY interested in something across the river.
So we will leave him
and I will pack up the laptop--quickly!
Photos: Nehalem Valley and park, Autumn 2010.
Note: Got to go--sorry about the quickly written commentary--
hope it makes some sense:)
Have a great day!


marit said...

Beautiful photos in these last two posts!!! Souns like a lovely trip- and I hope you will be able to go again. If not, well, at least you'll have the memories!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh, your photos are lovely. Vernonia..I've heard of that town. Not sure if I've been there or not. Oh, that trestle is lovely :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

p.s. It's okay to post photo "unchronologically" I do that all the time :) :) :)

aimee said...

Thank you Marit--
It was beautiful up there! I loved the mountains, trees and blue skies! You are SO right about the good memories--looking at the photos made me much less 'growlie'!
I am definitely planning a trip back there as soon as the weather improves and we have the time. They have an elk reserve near there that I really want to see and lots of hiking trails:)

aimee said...

Hey Heather!
TY--yes, God gave us an awesome autumn; the colors seemed so intense this year and travel was great for a long time!

I liked the trestles too--although I would never walk across one as my DH did when he was younger (scary)! Some of them they have adapted to pedestrian traffic now--with rails and a walking surface.
I think they were working on this one as another photo looks like part of it is missing!

Vernonia is one of the towns in the Nehalem Valley. You can reach it by going up into the coast range from Astoria or Clatskanie, or the best road--from highway 26 (the highway that runs from the Portland area to Seaside/Cannon Beach). It was originally known for logging and that still goes on there. Also, it made national TV on the 'Axe Men' show and when they had horrific flooding in the 90's.

Sorry to be so long winded--

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