13 January 2011

A Look Back at 2010: Autumn in the PNW-Pt 4

Remember this?
Lots of blue.
And sunshine.
Lots of sunshine.
And this?
More blue.
And green too.
And dry grass
not soggy wet grass.
What about this?
Pleasant warm temperatures,
no clouds.

And this?
Very happy seagulls and very happy people spending time by the bay.
(sorry no photos of the happy people today
but take my word for it they were happy, including the kayaker in the bay).

Very happy people and seagulls.
Sunshine and warmth.
And blue...
It is a state of mind that doesn't always mean unhappiness:)
Spring coming
sooner or later
to a location near you!
Are you ready for it?

taken autumn 2010
Siletz River-traveling eastward
(love those mountains)
Siletz River--looking towards the west (the bay)
Siletz Bay
(beautiful bay, part of it is a national wildlife refuge)
(there are always lots of seagulls)
Taft sign
D Lake from the state park there
(it actually goes by a different name but IMO it is way TOO pretty to call it that)

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