17 January 2011

A Look Back at 2010: Autumn in the Garden

A few photos from our autumn 2010 garden--

The koi pond in early November-
I love the reflection of the 'pagoda' in the pond with the fish swimming by.

Japanese maples near the lower pond.
I love these trees no matter the season but especially in the autumn!
Do you see that bit of blue sky poking through the trees?
We saw some of that today and it SO made my day.
even without the gorgeous red, gold and orange colors of autumn:)

And Japanese maple leaves in the pond.

I feel the need for more Japanese maples--
but I am not sure where I would put them since we have a septic tank that doesn't like trees on its lines or drainfield.

Not a photo taken in our garden but the light through this red tree was amazing
and I couldn't help but include it--it is so much better then this photo shows! This was taken during a stop at Camp 18, an amazing log restaurant in the coast range! I will make a post later but their breakfast is amazing, the location scenic (there is a river in the back and lots of birds) and they have a yard filled with old logging equipment that is fascinating!
Next post: the pastels of autumn and some fruit!
Blessings always,

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