28 September 2011

A Trip to the Valley: Early Autumn

Recently my best friend had a day of errands;

when she mentioned where she was going,

I eagerly invited myself:)

One of our stops was in Mt Angel, Oregon--

this time we got to see the town's Glockenspiel in action among other things:)

My favorite parts were the Gregorian chants and the song Edelweiss;

I had never seen a Glockenspiel at work before-I really enjoyed it!

BTW this photo was taken at the beginning of the 'performance'--

the glockenspiel incorporates features of the history of the area,

starting with the Native Americans.
We also stopped by here--

We left with sausage and strudel; nice people here!!

The strudel came frozen and would be baked that night (it was SO good);

the sausage was for my friend who likes spicy food!
In town we also traveled by the dancing children fountain--

we always do when we go here!

The town, as always, had a lot of flowers--

I love that a lot of towns do now!

Along the way we collected a some produce and photos at a few farms in the valley...

My best friend is taking this home--


How about these?

Aren't these artichoke flowers beautiful???

Yum, more harvest beauties--

it amazes me the variety we have available in vegetables...

look at the color of this broccoli!

How about these tomatoes?

In one town we visited,

we found people leaving excess produce from their gardens

on a table for those who can use it.

I really liked that idea;

we had picked up plenty from a farm in our route already

so we didn't need anymore though!

There were more in the trunk:)

More produce: here is a yellow cauliflower;

I'm not sure if I've ever seen one before.

I wonder if it holds that beautiful color when cooked?

Passed lots of onions...

if you look very closely you might also see the Cascade Mountains,

the range of mountains that run north to south in the PNW

and lie east of the Willamette Valley and western Washington.

And last, but not least, we passed a beautiful field of these...

black eyed Susans.

I LOVE this time of the year, don't you?

Blessings, Aimee


Notes: if you want to see more of Mt Angel please use the search feature to the right. They have a beautiful abbey, monastery and church there among other things. And a BIG thank you to the Mt Angel Sausage Co. for permission to post a photo of their fine establishment! Here is their website should you be in the area and interested in strudel or sausage: http://www.ropesausage.com/

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