29 September 2011

An Early Birthday Gift

My husband and best friend blessed me with a trip here as an early birthday gift.

It was the perfect day--full of the beauty of God's creation!



More photos later;

been traveling all day from before sunrise to well after sunset and I am SO tired.

Time to sleep...night all:)


Grandma Becky said...

Nice photos, aimee. WA is beautiful. we are going in Nov to Snowqualmie Falls then see my sister the next day. Can't wait. I've not been to the falls and it's time to do so. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had lunch with family at Applebee's today and then went to visit my mom for a belated birthday, it was her 88th bday on Wed. She's still in a nursing home and she said she had such a memorable afternoon. So glad we could make her day! Have a good hiatus and will look forward to more photos.

aimee said...

A very happy (belated) birthday to your mom!! How wonderful to celebrate 88 years:)
You will like Snoqualmie Falls! It is very pretty! Have a great time with your sister...so much beauty to see in Washington!
Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment:)
Be blessed,

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