26 September 2011

Flora + Fauna at the Zoo: Pt 2

We are having fall weather today in the PNW--

rain showers at times, wind gusts off and on,

cool and cloudy.

A perfect day to get caught up on some housework...

and bake the DH some cookies!

But if I am going to do that, I must get off the Internet--

so on with the post I wanted to share with you today:)

This summer, when my DD and grandkids came out,

the weather was much the same when we went to the zoo-

well minus the rain and wind:)

In other words--it was a GREAT day to visit the Oregon Zoo;

I only wish I had worn my odometer that day and every other day during my DD's visit!

Enough talk--let's walk?

I walked in socks as my sandals were not working for me;

you may keep your shoes on:)

I have a thing about white fur (hence our dogs have white fur), so today's theme is ...

animals with white (or some white) on them.

Our first stop is at the residence of the polar bears;

ahhh, it's nap time:)

Next--some brightly colored flowers;

I shall miss the flowers of summer,

but in a month or so our autumn/winter flowering camellia will be in bloom

and I will be so in love with it, I'll be OK.


In the PNW area, we met this guy (or gal).

Now it would be a dream come true to see one of these Mountain Goats in the wild!

One of my former co-workers has seen them and bear;

she gave me the most wonderful going away gift when I quit my job!

Knowing how much I love the mountains...

she put together a CD of some of her hiking trips for me to have!

I LOVED it and still do; it makes me smile just thinking of it:)

It is one of my favorite gifts ever!

Look at all that white fur!

I think he (or she) looks quite noble, though a bit ragged!

I loved this exhibit--

even if I did, sort of, get lost in here

(actually I knew exactly where I was...my family just thought I was lost.

When I am taking photos, it is all I think about--sometimes).

More flowers---knowing my camera,

these might have been more red then they appear:)

And now,

one of my favorite photos-

taken in their petting area...

I think I'm in love!

Have a blessed Monday!


Photos: TY to the Oregon Zoo for permission to post these photos and for all the obvious concern they show for the animals entrusted to their care! I ask that you please respect my copyright on all of these photos and do not copy them unless you ask and are granted permission by me to do so. This is to ensure that the zoo's philosophy re: their animals, which I totally support, is adhered to. Thank you:)

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