26 September 2011

My Hiding Place


art my hiding place and my shield:

I hope in Thy Word.
Psalms 119:114 KJV

Last night I watched the movie, The Hiding Place-

an adaption of the late Corrie ten Boom's life during World War II.

When I was younger and living in Seattle,

I had the opportunity to see and hear this courageous lady in person.

Her story, is indeed one of courage, love, faith and forgiveness.

And as I watched the movie,

I asked myself...

Would I have reached out to save strangers knowing what it could cost me and my family?

Would I lose my faith had I been the one imprisoned in such deplorable and seemingly hopeless conditions (lice, hard labour, little food, cruelty, crowding, etc)?

Would I be able to forgive my 'enemies' as Corrie and Betsie were?

It is something for me to think about.

Be blessed,


Photo: Siletz Bay and two of my five grandchildren:)

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