30 September 2011

Sights + Sounds of Washington: Pt 2

After 6 or so hours of travel by and over rivers and a lake,

road work, gorgeous view after gorgeous view and more...

we arrive:)

(I) Yea!
We enter under the Nisqually entrance gate, pay our fee ($15/7 days)
and are on our way to our first main stop...

Longmire---beautiful, wonderful, I LOVE it here Longmire!
After a stop at the gift shop for directions to the trail we're off--
with good wishes for a great hike!
Note to self for ALL future hikes: drink more and carry water!

Longmire was homesteaded by a pioneer by the name of-
well I'm sure you can figure that out.
There are many mineral springs in this area
(not surprising in that Mt Rainier is a volcano).
This is one of the springs--Soda Springs.

And this is the forest on the trail--
I LOVE this place:)
By the way, at different places on the trail you will also see
the meadow, other springs, Mt Rainier, a cabin and more!

In the 'shadowy realm' -- my favorite part! When I was here one time in late May all that could be seen up the hill (right side of the photo) was brown; it felt ancient. I will never forget the colors, the light, the dark, the feelings of that day! Today the feelings were different--the forest was beautiful (some trees are over 250 years old) but there was GREEN amidst the brown and there was dappled sunlight!
(I) but it was brown before...

A photo near the end of the Trail of Shadows--
an amazing, not too long hike through the forests and among the Longmire's homestead.
(I) water, water, water...
(My friend) I thought you were in better shape than I.
Note to self: I love it when your friend anticipates your needs
and brings a sport drink for you:)
I leave you with my favorite quote of the day--
"Trees recieve a most beautiful burial.
Nature takes fallen trees gently into her bosom-
at rest from storms".
John Muir
Thank you God for the mountains and the forest;
they are just a portion of what you bless me with each and every day.

To be continued...

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