30 September 2011

Sights + Sounds of Beautiful Washington: Pt 1

(I) Ugh! The weather forecast was sunny today.
(my friend) We are by the river, it'll clear up.

(I) I think we're on the wrong road here
(said as we crossed a causeway built over the middle of a lake);
this wasn't the road my dad took--I'd remember this!

(both) Beautiful (or some similar adjective)!

(I) This is NOT the right road
(as we drove higher and further into unfamiliar territory).
(My friend) You got your directions from ------!
I should have known--you can't trust -----for directions.)

After we turned around, retracing our route, stopped at two mini marts, talked to local residents, bought one Washington map, picked up a free map of the local area, texted my poor DDIL that we were lost, found the right route and were on our way again--this time with NO cell phone coverage.
(I) I like this route better; it looks more familiar....well maybe not, but I like it better.
(My friend) Some of the trucks on the other road were being blown around; it is less windy on this road in the valley.
(I) Sometimes my fear of heights is a good thing.

(I) Wow!!!!

To be continued---

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