11 June 2011

Farmer Boy Brings Home A Gift

Text message received at 2:46 pm yesterday:

"If you're good I have a present for you."

And my sweet tease of a husband did!

A whole flat of NW grown Hood strawberries

AND 1/2 flat to give away as gifts to other strawberry-lovers :)
I LOVE my Farmer Boy,

I love PNW strawberries,

I love the fact that we had more than enough to eat,

enough leftover to freeze some for treats later

and some to give away too!


In other news:

our strawberries are bigger now, but still green:(

Also green--7 little tomatoes on our Early Girl and Sungold plants?

Our third plant just has blossoms still,

but if the weather continues warm and we get some sunshine,

I have BIG expectations for a lot of tomatoes this summer!

BTW, I paid a whole $3 for these tomatoes so I will be

saving a lot of green this summer while I enjoy our own fresh,

sunripened, just off the vine, sweet, juicy tomatoes! YUM!

And my final green for the day-

(we won't count all the grass I mowed or weeds I pulled today as a green),

a few of my carrot seeds have FINALLY sprouted and

I just might get carrots from my garden this year!

Hope springs eternal (forget who said that)

Have a blessed Pentecost,



I didn't want to stop long enough last night to take a picture of the berries,

so this one from last year will have to do!

Note to PNW gardeners:

Thought you might be interested in receiving a free monthly

gardening newsletter from OSU in your e-mail box.

I have been getting it for quite awhile and really, really like it!

BTW--this month's issue had information on the Spotted Wing Drosophila which damages fruit such as raspberries, strawberries and a lot more. I am definitely interested in learning how to protect our fruit from this new pest! It would make me quite unhappy to see our berries destroyed just when they are ready to eat!

If you think you would like to subscribe to the monthly NW Gardener's eNews,

you can e-mail them at: gardeners-subscribeATlists.oregonstate.edu

Feel free to copy the e-mail address above,

of course

replacing the word AT with the symbol @!

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the school except I subscribe to this newsletter.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, look at all those pretty red strawberries :) :) :) Yum. your hubby is really sweet to bring all that for you :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

I agree! Especially since he doesn't even care for strawberries--a result of working the fields every summer all through his childhood:)

by Teresa said...

Aimee, hubby and I both want to know where you got PNW strawberries.. ours are still in flower form. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!!

Hugs, Teresa

aimee said...

Hi Teresa!
It was my pleasure to visit your blog and comment--I love your garden pictures!
Regarding the strawberries. My DH was traveling that day in rural Washington county. I will contact you by e-mail to give you more info, ok?
Some of ours have fruit on them--but with the weather it will be awhile.

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