07 June 2011

Thank You!

It makes my heart SO very happy when I come to my blog

and see the visitors I have had!

And my one wish for you will always be the same

that you leave here feeling more blessed then when you arrived,

because your very presence here --

whether for a minute


for longer

has blessed my day more than I can ever say!



one thing more...

I just want to say
THANK YOU for visiting!!



A special thank you to all my followers too--

appreciate you all very much:)



Deepwood Estate in springtime, Salem.

Amazing mansion and gardens!


garden by gazebo

more camellias

(can you tell I LOVE them?)

view from the main gate--mansion and carriage house

the room I love the most!



by Teresa said...

Hi Aimee, I have bookmarked your blog and will be back. I am so glad you found my blog.. that mansion is gorgeous, I've never seen it! Lets hope we get some more sunny weather!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grandma Becky said...

I enjoy visiting your blog. Love Deep Wood estates, never been there though. I've been through the Bush house. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be putting more of our trip on there soon. Hugs!

aimee said...

Hi, Teresa!
TY SO very much! I am thrilled that I found your website too--your photos always make my day better!!

I hope you will get to the Deepwood Mansion someday--it is a ways from you but well worth the trip! I'd gone by it several times before I actually stopped--still haven't made it inside though--LOL! Another pretty one is the Pittock Mansion in the West Hills. Much closer to you and great view of PDX and mts on a clear day:) That one I have been in!

Of course, you have the most wonderful Columbia River Gorge Hotel, Vista House and Multnomah Falls Lodge----LOVE them all!

I am SO hoping for sun also--blue skies always make me happy and they make me want to take more road trips too:)

TY for your visit, comment and cyber hug!


aimee said...

TY Becky! I thought you had been there! You have got to go; if the inside is as beautful as the outside...and I have a feeling it is...then I am ready to move in there now:)

I haven't been to the Bush House yet--and there are several more things on my 'to do'list for that area. The more I see on the Internet the longer my list gets--LOL!!

Love visiting your blog--you have great pics and I am enjoying your trip to the southern Oregon coast! I have probably been there--eons ago--but if so it was so long ago that it is all gloriously new to me!!


Sallyo said...

As always, I enjoyed my walk through your gardens! Hope your eye continues to heal.

aimee said...

Hi Sally!
Good to hear from you--I've been thinking of your family!
My eye is doing much better--I am hoping that it will be completely well by my next visit:)
PS: TY for your kind remark also!I am glad the garden cyber-walks have been blessing you!

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