09 June 2011

Of Wildflowers + Mountainside Gardens

My day started in our wildflower/perennial garden.

But the sky was so blue and it was so warm-

it called for a field trip and

I knew exactly where I wanted to go...

It was a place I had found on the Internet that had most of my fav things

mountain views

and trees


and a waterfall

(I SO should have brought a tripod)

some historical places--one being the very road we were on

(but the rest will have to wait for another post because we never found

one of the places we were looking for)

YEA! Another road trip:)

and color--lots of color!

The amazing, beautiful, wonderful, totally awesome

color of the PNW in spring:)

the yellow of scotchbroom which was all over--

once we found the right road that is

(I, of course, had left my map and carefully written directions--

you guessed it--at home)!

Actually the wrong road was quite beautiful too:)

the purple of native irises

(I am NOT even going to mention the green of the trees, ferns and other vegetation--

this is the western PNW after all and we have had MONTHS of rain!

I will say this is our payoff after suffering through all

those gray, wet, cold days though:)

white blossoms--absolutely gorgeous in person I must say!

This is either a wild astilbe or spirae.

(BTW--please feel free to correct me if I am wrong!)



the rest will have to wait till later because I've got to get some sleep :)

Blessings, Aimee


Photos: late spring, coastal foothills + mountains


Cathy said...

Beautiful photos, Aimee. I'm trying to figure out where you live in the PNW but haven't seen that info on your posts. Isn't it great to finally get some nice weather? We've waited a long time for it.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh Aimee,

Your photos are gorgeous. Now I really awnt to know where this place is.. the PNW is really beautiful. That's for sure :) :)

Scotch broom...I'm not sure we have that here in southern Oregon. I'm sure we do...but I can't tell the diffeence. There are some bushes here that bloom this intensely bright yellow every summer...It doesn't look like Scotch Broom other than the color..but it's all over town :) :) Plus lot sof other beautiful flowers.

Have a great weekend. love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

Hi, Heather!
It is really beautiful isn't it? The photos were taken in the Coast Range area of Oregon. It seems every road in the foothills and mts there leads to great views! I just need a 4 WD:)

I am really not sure about the Scotch Broom--maybe there are several types or?? I will ask my cousin who has been hiking in your area before. If anyone knows the answer, he will! I think it is considered a nuisance, but I can never get enough of that yellow color! LOVE it!

I didn't make it down your way this spring but might make it this autumn -- hope, hope!

aimee said...

Hi, Cathy!
Our family owns property in both Washington and NW Oregon. Most of the photos are in Oregon though because I am here more.

TY SO much for your kind remark about the photos! You are so right about the nice weather--I froze my first strawberries today that my DH found when driving--mine, I hope, will soon be ripe too!


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