06 June 2011

Early June Garden

I LOVE PNW natives and I try to use them often. Here you can see the salal and kinnikinnick we planted last year--apparently they are very happy here as they have grown quite a bit! You can also see that we use soaker hoses--actually we use a combination of watering methods depending on what we have planted, but soaker hoses do work quite well and in time they will be more camouflaged by the growing vegetation. This is our newest garden--for my mom; it needs LOTS of work:)

One of our newest and last to bloom rhododendrons. This is not the best photo of it, but it is SO pretty! I really wish the blooms of spring would last longer--love this season!

Our blue Japanese irises--by our lower pond. Love this shade of blue:) Speaking of ponds---keep reading and soon you will see something flowering IN our pond:)

Roses, roses everywhere---this is a miniature kind. I love my minis but this year I may have to break down and treat them with a non organic blackspot treatment and that is NOT making me happy at all!

Another view of the Japanese irises. One of this year's projects was to extend the path and bed here; we have now laid the landscape fabric (we use one marked contractor grade) and added garden mulch. We still have to add the flagstones and do finish work. Seems like garden tasks are never done!

And here (drum beating and trumpets sounding)...

our first water lily of the 2011 season:)

Love these guys (or gals) :)

Have a great Tuesday!



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