10 June 2011

Of Wildflowers + Mountainside Gardens: part 2

I am still not home-by that I mean my body is; but my heart isn't.

It is still there-listening to the sounds of nature,

feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and arms,

and embracing the peace I felt there.

It feels good!

How about a few more photos of our peaceful trip?

At one point we crossed this bridge-

it was fun watching the planks move as we crossed:)

In some areas we went through woodlands like this;

in other places we were in a forest--complete with moss, ferns and wildflowers!

Look at all that wonderful moss on the trees--

in the PNW we are experts at growing moss:)

And the native bleeding hearts were beautiful--

I SO want to find a native plant nursery!

A creek we crossed over.

I wonder if there are fish in these waters and if so,

what kind they are?

I wonder if there are any cougars around here?

In Colorado they have signs to warn you that you're in THEIR home!

More bleeding hearts--

And more native vegetation--

I can't remember what my friend called these.



Well it is time for a snack --

I am feeling the need for some good protein after eating so many fresh strawberries!

BTW--has anyone made strawberry bread before?

I've never tried it but it sounds interesting.



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