13 June 2011

A Historical Journey in Washington State

It all started in a wooden shipyard in NW Washington state.
Years ago, as we were driving along, trying to get a great photo of my fav Victorian in Port Townsend, we pulled into the shipyard and found to my delight, that not only could I see that home, but there was the most beautiful tall ship I had ever seen in dry dock there!

Now that was before the days of her fame
--in a certain Pirate movie--
and it was only later, that I found out MY ship was THAT ship!
This year I just had to go see her again (how could I not?) and I
figured out we could have a little reunion in SW Washington!

After a wrong turn--or two--we found out where
the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain were docked
(as we got closer we could see the very tall masts rising up to the sky
and we knew that it was the right place)!
Needless to say, I took a lot of photos of both ships from both sides of the river--
and maybe someday another one will appear here.
And maybe, just maybe, I will someday see her sailing with her beautiful sails unfurled
that is one of my dreams:)

Of course, while we were in the area
we happened upon several historical places-
a Roman Catholic Church with gorgeous architecture!
And then there was this beauty!
I love homes with covered porches-perfect for a summer day
or a showery spring one!

Love those historical homes:)
Then it was on to visit Vancouver Lake which I had been wanting to see
and after a quick visit we traveled northward to Kalama.

Of course there is a story about this place too-
One time, when we were headed south,
I spied a beautiful old church on a hill above the river...and I quickly shot a photo
(because I cannot resist steeples and bell towers).
But when I tried to put a name to the church,
I couldn't remember the name of the town
and there are quite a few churches in this area of Washington!
Finally, I tracked the town down by using the business information
that was on a sign in the photo!
Tricky, huh?
And it worked-
for soon I had the name of the church too!

Since we were sort of in that area and since 
I wasn't satisfied with my quick photo from the highway we decided to pay that old church a visit.

She is at the top of a hill,
next to a school.
Isn't she pretty?
I never ever get enough of historical churches and have quite a collection of them.
Perhaps one day I will give them a blog to call their own:)
As I always do, I wonder what life was like when this land was first settled
and much later when this church, a little Roman Catholic one was built.

I also wonder what the inside of this church looks like...
such a curious gal I am.
I wish the door was open so I could take a quick peek inside
or maybe just sit and be quiet for awhile.

But alas there wasn't enough time to do that,
so we headed down the hill,
where we passed another church
with these beautiful stained glass windows,,,
and, of course,
I had to take a photo or two.

Southward along the river we traveled from that little town.
But we'll be back...
because there are always new adventures to take
in my beloved state of Washington!
Blessings, Aimee
Photos: Spring, 2011.
Lady Washington, one of the ambassador ships of the State of Washington
St James Roman Catholic Church
The Slocum House
St Joseph Roman Catholic Church
a church we passed in the same town
(not sure of the name)
The Columbia River


Grandma Becky said...

I love all these photos!! Washington is an awesome state as well. I think I'd rather stay close to home instead of traveling the world and see what's so special here in our own states. You are alot like me. Love old churches and buildings. One I photographed in southern Ore last year was open and I did go in to peek. Churches are a special place that I love.
I have bought some strawberries and they are so good. Am gonna make something for hubby out of them. Have a good weekend!
P/S Nothing wrong with traveling the world though.

aimee said...

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed them--it was a great little trip!

Which church in southern OR did you get to go in? You were SO lucky to be able to do that!! I've been inside several old churches, but I'd love to go in all of the ones I see--I do try to peek through the windows though if I can:)

Yummy on the strawberries! I keep hoping my DH will find some more in his travels and bring them home to me--LOL! Enjoy:)


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