17 June 2011



the sky will look like this for more than a day or two

the miniature rose garden will be as beautiful

as the daughter who it is named after--

as if that was even possible!

these raspberries will turn yellow and sweet--


these gooseberries will be part of a dessert

these blueberries will be ripe and delicious

(but will never make it into a dessert, because they will

all be eaten by my blueberry lovin' son who

this garden is named after.

That is IF he gets there before his blueberry lovin' mom--me!)

And someday--

my wildflower garden will look more like this one--

but not this summer I am sad to say.

And someday I will stop loving the garden in spring--


Hope you are having a beautiful spring wherever you live:)





Desert King figs

miniature roses, lady's mantle--there is also culinary lavender in this garden

Anne raspberries

gooseberries--we are thinking of adding 1 of the sweeter red varieties too


a beautiful wildflower garden I passed earlier this week

a chives blossom

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