10 July 2010

Of Berry Farms, Small Towns and Scones

Recently, my best friend and I were back in an area
we had visited last year during our farm tour.
We had a plan in mind that day-
as usual it involved pictures of the region
like this view
and this one of a town mural--
of the soon to happen rodeo!
Our plan also involved food, specifically fresh baked food;
like this soft raspberry scone just out of the oven

actually it involved 4 of them,
but some were for people that we would see later that day.
BTW--we bought these at French Prairie Gardens.
The other part of our plan involved fresh berries and the Koch Family Farm.

They have raspberries there-
rows and rows of them.
And good views of mountains-
a feast for the eyes
the stomach.
So much to see there-
shadows cast by raspberry bushes,
and beautiful raspberry leaves.
What I can't show you are some of the other things we saw -- and heard -- there:
boys and girls with buckets
and their parents,
the farm owner,
birds singing unwritten melodies and
colorful little row flags fluttering in the breeze
(actually I could show you some of these things but I NEED a little sleep).
And then there are the raspberries ...
I can report they were heavenly-
from personal experience of course.
There were other things too
like BIG and little trees,
and these pretty flowers.
Somewhere close were horses too;
I could hear them but never found them.
And then there were the strawberries...
rows and rows of red, juicy berries
under a warm, but not too warm, PNW sun.
all waiting to be picked.
Summer is SO nice.
Brings back memories of a simpler time.
Blessings from the NW,
Thanks again to both French Prairie Gardens and Koch Family Farms for allowing me to post these photos. If you follow the links above you can see some of the photos I took at these farms in 2009 and contact information:)

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