13 July 2010

Recent Travels

Recently my dad gave me a PNW tour book and it didn't take me long to mark all the places I wanted to see this year. Of course, my list included lots of small towns, rural areas, historical places, parks, refuges and unusual sites like the Mima Mounds:)
Not too long after this, a friend and I made a trip to one of the places on my list--this one in Oregon--and here is some of what we saw
(BTW--It is always fun to see a new area and meet new people!)

A historic courthouse

an old building in the downtown district--look at that amazing detail!!

this reminds me of a movie theater--but I am not sure what it really is.

a healthy and very tasty snack for the road from a farm in the area.
SO good!
More, more:)

a rural scene we passed;
I never get tired of seeing farms!

Can you see the occupant?

A hillside vineyard (taken through the side window);
this area was SO beautiful!
And peaceful--I am really into peaceful!

How about you?
Do you like country or city?
Rural or urban?

Dallas, Oregon
and various rural settings western Oregon.

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