11 November 2009

PNW Farm Tour: Farm Bakery, Plants, Fruit, Veggies & More

Not too far from Koch's Farm, is another great farm--French Prairie Gardens! Actually I should say that it's a farm, farm store, nursery and bakery--and a very yummy bakery at that; one that I understand has even been featured before on local TV there!
Inside the store is where you'll find ice cream, seasonal fresh veggies and fruit, baked items, frozen berries and other items---one of my favorites being a really nice selection of woven baskets perfect for storing magazines or whatever.

And now the farm bakery---I can say a lot about their delicious fresh baked pumpkin scones (or their marianberry ones), the yummy apple cider cinnamon sprinkled donuts or the pies--berry, peach, pumpkin--that they make seasonally (some available frozen in their freezer case; they had some mini pies too). They have other baked goods too in their display case.
Suggestion: it is a good thing to call ahead if you are looking for a certain item as they are quite popular and busy during the summer/harvest season. I am told that after this season it is also good to call ahead to order the item(s) you may be desiring:)

Two areas I didn't visit are the nursery located behind the store and the fun area they put together for families during the early autumn season. Info is available on their website (link below). All in all, I found the staff friendly and helpful (the farm is another family owned farm-yea!) and the visit a lot of (munch, munch) fun!!!!
I would also like to take a moment to thank them for making our visit there so nice (and yummy) and giving me permission to post the photos I took on my blog. Just so you know I am not in any way associated with the farm but do recommend it for a fun place to stop if you are in their area. In fact my suggestion is to do a farm tour of the area--all of which could be covered in a day or two depending on the time you spend sightseeing. Here is their
website where you can find more information about the farm's offerings/events and contact info. Enjoy!
Blessings, Aimee
Farm Store exterior
Rural view and decoration for Autumn Harvest Festival
Fruit Pie
Freshly baked apple cider cinnamon donuts & pumpkin scones

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