12 November 2009

Thursday Thanks-giving: family, friends & hot baths

This week I am thankful for all the things that make life more bearable when you are ill; things that we often take for granted like refrigerators, a wide variety of food, dependable heat and warm blankets, and hot baths. Yes I am really thankful for all these things!
I am also thankful for a son's willing nature this week that sent him late in the evening to the store not once, but twice, to get me a few items that might sit well on my very upset stomach and then refused to be repaid for the extra amount that he spent on them. Such is love and I am grateful! In fact, I am grateful for ALL the family and friends God has blessed me with! May God bless them and may they walk in HIS ways througout their lives.
My eldest son at a lake in WA--I think...
and at his first birthday party.
Has it really been that many years?

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