11 November 2009

Jewels of the Garden

Everytime I walk in my garden I am captivated by the beauty to be found there.
Day by day I see changes - brought on by storm winds, rain and other elements.

I look at the reds and I see rubies,

and the yellows topaz.

The oranges...well I am not sure what jewel they would be but I know they're incredibly beautiful and priceless to me.

These walks, through the jewels of my garden,
refresh my soul like a walk in the PNW forests or mountains

for I see the hand of God who created them all no matter where I go
and that makes me feel peaceful.
Japanese maple leaves caught on top of bamboo bench.
Laceleaf Japanese maple leaf caught on spirae.
Japanese maple leaves against sky.
Dogwood leaves.
Laceleaf Japanese maple leaves, moss, rocks.
And finally...
more Japanese maple leaves:)

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