12 November 2009

A Better Life

I am not a fan of the majority of ads that we see now a days on TV. I don’t enjoy their not too subtle message that one must fit a certain image to be of worth in this age we live or buy a certain so and so to be a good mother to your child, to be a loving spouse to your wife, and so on. YUCK!
One of the few exceptions to these type of commercials are the ads put out by the Foundation for a Better Life. I LOVE the positive values they advocate--values of inspiring others, living with love and forgiveness, etc.
Although the foundation does not affiliate itself with any religious organization, it effectively IMO portrays values that ALL people--no matter their cultural or religious background should be able to agree upon. Values that we, as parents and grandparents, should seek to pass onto our families and more then that--our communities. Values not at odds with the Golden Rule and 10 Commandments AND values consistent with our American heritage. Simple and yet life changing, universal values that would make a world wide change if every individual sought to incorporate them more in their daily living.
Now the question is -- have I always lived up to these values? No, I like every other human being am a fallible person--I get angry at times; sometimes even allowing it to spill over into bitterness and I have other faults too. BUT I seek to live better--more honestly, more loving, more kindhearted, more Christ-like and when I fall short I ask forgiveness from the One who so clearly and completely understands my weaknesses and faults--my Creator. Then I return to the right path--the path of love and seeking to 'pass it on'.

http://www.values.com/ (Foundation for a Better Life with free downloads of posters, etc)

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