11 November 2009

To Honor Those Who Served

When I was growing up I didn’t realize just how many of our family had served in American wars, but as I studied our family history I became more and more aware of their service to and love for our country.

Some of my ancestors and extended family fought in the War for Independence, some in the Civil War, others in World War I & II, the Korean Conflict and other family members up to the current war.
A few died in service to America.

This day, as America pauses to honor all its Veterans and active Servicemen (and women), I would like to take time to honor all Americans who have served or are still serving at home and abroad too.
May God bless each and everyone of you.
May those of you who are homeless find shelter;
may those without jobs find work.
May God grant you who serve and your families courage, safety and freedom from fear.
And may God bestow to those who have lost loved ones, in this and prior wars, peace and comfort during the night of your storm and always.
May God bless America
grant our nation, and the entire world, a true and lasting peace.

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