17 October 2009

PNW Farm Tour: Berries, Veggies, Honey, Jam

Who needs souvenirs from a trip when you can bring home fresh produce?
Confession here! The farm owner's presentation of beautiful apples was a LOT more beautiful before I picked out a whole bunch to buy:) I've developed quite a liking for baked apples and these were fantastic to cook with! For a quick treat with not quite as many calories as a pie (although I love them too) I like to bake or microwave some sliced apples in an ovenproof/microwave safe baking dish with a bit of raw sugar (and/or honey), some apple pie spice and chopped walnuts. A very yummy and quick snack or dessert.
Now for a GREAT recipe for apple butter you might want to check out another Aimee's (momzoo's) blog: http://momzoo.blogspot.com/2009/10/apples.html
Aimee has an amazing attitude when it comes to food preservation/gleaning/gardening! :)
The farm/farm store owners were also kind enough to give us permission to wander down to their fields. The views were beautiful as were the veggies we found growing there!
Beautiful, isn't it? I LOVE rural America. Wherever I go -- be it in the PNW or elsewhere -- I am drawn to the country (and of course the mountains!)
Makes me hungry to think of baked squash; the ornamental gourds and corn make me want to decorate -- but I need to wait until the BIG project is done before even thinking of one more small project (except for Aimee's apple butter that is!)
Now this reminds me of my teen years when our church group made an autumn trip to a farm nearby where we enjoyed a hay ride up the hill there and other fall activities. They offer those here too. Speaking of autumn activities, does anyone remember 'bobbing' for apples as a kid?
One more picture--at least for now. A rainstorm has moved in and it's time to go eat anyway:) A big thank you to the farm owners for permission to post these photos here and for making us feel right at home while at their farm!
Blessings to you, your family and all whose lives are touched by you!
Farm: photos taken while at Koch Family Farm, 4745 Raybell Road, St Paul, OR. Besides the produce and ornamentals pictured above they carry green beans, tomatoes, peppers, honey and jam. They also have fruit in summertime.
Note: If you are in this area you might want to stop by Champoeg State Park area nearby. Very nice trails through a forest and by a river....oh and they have yurts too! Also need to say I am not in any way associated with the farms I am posting or park either but just wanting to share with any readers some great places (and people) I've found during my travels in the PNW!


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

That looks like so much fun.

aimee said...

They were really neat farms and we had a great time at all of them! Only wish early autumn lasted a much longer time as I have a lot more areas I'd like to see with adorned in their fall finery!

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