08 July 2010

Lunch -- After the Lavender

Last year, around this time, my best friend and I visited several lavender farms in Oregon--two in the foothills and mountains southwest of Portland, known as Wine Country (the one in the foothills still to be posted) and the third one in the Columbia River Gorge.
Since lavender festivals will soon begin, in both Washington and Oregon, I thought this would be a great time to include a post on the wonderful café we found not too far from Mountainside Lavender---just in case you're going that way :)
South Store Café is located in the little town of Scholls, in a wonderfully historic building that used to be a store at one time. The interior and exterior reminds me of many of the small general stores I have been in --- in Colorado and the PNW.
Being a country girl at heart, I LOVED it:)
This photo was taken from Smith Berry Barn, a great farm across the street from South Store Café (I will be doing a post on our visit there in 2009 soon too -- as time permits).

Fresh flowers at the table are always a welcome addition to ANY dining experience.
The staff was great--very helpful to us as we were choosing what to eat!
We also were privileged to meet the cafe's owner who was as delightful as the place was:) When I am in places like this, I feel like I've taken a step back into a simpler time--a time when the General Store was often the town's gathering place.

South Store Cafe has both a regular menu and daily specials.
We ordered this INCREDIBLY yummy salad off their daily special menu--it was a heavenly mixture of nuts, cheese, fresh greens, and dressing!!!

Then we had the Reuben sandwich, also off the daily special menu. I can truthfully say that it was the BEST Reuben I have ever had! Wish this cafe was a lot closer to home, but maybe someday I can take Farmer Boy --who loves, loves, loves Reuben sandwiches--there:)

On warm days there is nothing better then a cold, icy drink -- this was a fruit granita and it was awesome! And then the pièce de résistance (for this time of the year)---strawberry shortcake!! And again, the BEST one I have ever had--fresh, just perfect berries. A sweet, deliciously yummy, shortcake to go with them and whipped cream. Just looking at this photo, which isn't even a very good one, reminds me of it and makes me hungry for more:)
Well thats it for now...
I hope you enjoyed our visit to South Store Café---I can heartily recommend it as a great place to go when you are visiting the area's berry and lavender farms!
For more information follow this link to their site--see the above links for my posts on Mountainside Lavender and Lavender Valley (you'll find further links in both of those posts to the farms). I will try to post a link to the Lavender Festivals soon:)
Photos: all taken in 2009.
Posted by the kind permission of the owner of South Store Café.

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