17 August 2009

Time for a Reevaluation

This weekend, I came to the realization that we're only about 20 weeks away from saying so long to the 'book' that is 2009. And I realized, after a Saturday of feasting on Scandinavian goodies, that my weight has crept up more then at ANYTIME in my life--except when I was pregnant. Horrors!

Alas--my current shape brings back memories...of a sweet, innocent, little girl in the Clinic I was working at then, thinking I was 'with child'. I wish it had been so, but alas, alas it was just being overweight. You know the saying 'out of the mouths of babes'...

Well to make a long story short--after changing jobs, I was able to lose down to my ideal weight and stayed that way for quite a long time till I visited a Norwegian B & B ( Nordic treats are my downfall; those and chocolate, sushi and root beer floats) Up a few pounds to a new plateau.

Now, if I had used more discipline and self-control, I could have lost those few pounds and would not be making this post here---but no - no; I gave in to the chocolates, cookies and million other treats they always seemed to have at work and by the time I left my weight had creeped up a few more pounds. I was definitely into denial about a few things.

The last 2 years, away from the stress and frequent goody temptations of my last job, didn't help either--I alternated between being disciplined and giving into an excessive amount of edible temptations with the end result you can see above (about 20 pounds over my ideal weight)

The sad thing is, I am NOT one bit happy about that fact! Oh and my back isn't either nor are my favorite jeans and nice work clothes which I can no longer wear unless I wish to---well it isn't a pretty picture. And come colder, wetter weather (does the PNW have that kind anymore?) my knees will start to ache. Oh, and the osteopinnea thing too.

the whole resolution issue thing
I am just NOT willing to end this year in this condition--if I have the power to change it and I do; if I lose the weight by year's end, it means I have successfully kept the resolution--albeit for a far shorter time then I would have liked.

So here's my plan: Aimee's Personal 20 Weeks-To-Go Resolution & Plan for Aimee (yea I know--terrible grammar)
  • Treadmill 40 minutes--minimum 4 days weekly
  • Lift hand weights or equivalent work 3 days weekly
  • 1200 calories daily (not a recommendation; just what I plan to do. Come to think of it none of this is a recommendation...)
  • Eat frequent, smaller, lower calorie but well-balanced meals (a must because I get even more hypoglycemic when losing weight; I'm not diabetic but since childhood I've been this way.)

  • Treat the weekdays more like workdays without becoming 'driven'. Being disciplined but not obsessively so; motivated by the tangible rewards of better health and more that come with weight loss.
  • Plan grocery shopping around new plan taking into account that the Farmer Boy will not be joining me in this resolution. Sigh.
  • Water, water, water--no more sports drinks...8 glasses daily minimum
  • Start my days early; no TV--yes even politics--till Farmer Boy is home. And maybe no Internet either till then. Move, move, move will be my new motto.
  • Posting updates; it will keep me accountable. And heaven knows I need accountability and discipline to be successful:) In this same vein--I am keeping a daily notebook for foods eaten, exersize and tasks done.
The above are my plans and IMO; they're not to be construed as medical advice (can you tell I am really into disclaimers?) Now I think this is where they say--please check with your Health Care Provider before engaging in a physical fitness and/or weight loss program. Sounds like a good idea!
My ideal weight, to be really transparent here, is 135-138#. For my height and bone structure this works best for me. Lower and I look anorexic or so one of my all time fav nurses told me and she was one of the best nurses I've ever known!
Current BAD news.
Finnish funnel cake with berries; this was the first time for this goodie. The next will have to wait until I am at my ideal weight and then only part of one. However, I can still partake of aebleskivers--a few--and a small lefse on occasion. And there's always nova lox:)
This morning's breakfast--dill & parmesan cheese omelet. Good!
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