19 August 2009

A Walk in His Gardens--Aimee's Place

I've been getting up early and this morning, before the heat of the day, I spent hours wandering through our gardens....

past fruits of the tree and those of the bush,
(oops! forgetting my tour guide/hostess manners here)
OK-the first photo is our new water lily.
It's a hardy one;
that's because we live in the NORTHwest and tropical doesn't work here:)
And the second photo is our Asian Pear. I can't bear to show you the many now lying on the ground. NOPE!
And because I am really into Scandinavian food,
and because lingonberries go great with so many of them,
we planted more this year (to replace the ones lost) and they already have ripe or near ripe berries with more to come.
This type is Balsgard.
(I am only saying that because I love writing Nordic names.
I think that besides being a lingonberry, Balsgard is the name of a place)
And then we will walk by some ornamental plants and trees,
like this beautiful Brunnera & honeysuckle vine.
I LOVE the honeysuckle flowers and sometimes in the evening when the breeze is blowing just right their beautiful fragrance can be smelled all the way up on the deck. Imagine that?
Nearby is our crabapple;
I think its fruit is quite pretty especially after a morning shower
(nope, not as in rain shower. Silly me! I used to think it rained all the time in the NW too)
And our dogwood which has apparently forgotten that dogwoods don't have colorful bracts at this time of the year.
You gotta love it though;
it is doing its part to 'Color My World'.
Ah, Chicago (as in music group not the city)!
Although it might be colorful too.
And here is a neighbor's hydrangea...
ours must be 'on strike' --
I think she is protesting the amount of light she doesn't get;
we'll try to meet her legitimate demands this autumn when things cool down..
And then, several times, past our miniature rose garden-in-progress.
Not exactly the correct name as it has been a miniature rose garden for a long, long time. But now we are adding other plants to the mix--so to speak. Last week we added 4 lavender plants and now we're thinking of adding some Lady's Mantle around the edges--I so want to cover up the wood supports! Got any ideas fellow Green Thumb People?

Then past my little (as in dwarf) sunflower.
I love sunflowers---they're one of my favorite parts of this season.
Another is sweet, white corn
and peaches! YUM!
Of course, I also had to make an official tour of our herbs--
because if you know Aimee, you know I love herbs.
Not only do they smell and taste good,
but their blossoms are so...

And these mint blossoms (specifically spearmint blossoms) glowing in the early morning sunlight----SO amazing!
Makes me want to reach out and touch them:)
One doesn't easily tire of sights like these...
and believe me, we have a lot of them.
Now on to the our newbie this year..

the chervil--fringed with a reddish tint now on its edges. Maybe I will add some to tomorrow's omelet; I was too lazy to add it this morning after all that walking:) It is supposed to have a anise-type flavor if I remember correctly
and I also think that it is part of the Fines Herbes.
Oh boy, hope that is right.
After all my High School French teacher might accidently stumble on my blog one day.
NOPE probably not:)
And last but certainly not least,
I leave you with (and in) peace.

Blessings this Wednesday (nope, Thursday morning now)
Photos: as listed above.
And now off to bed so I can get up early again
and exercise!


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Can I come walk in your gardens someday?

aimee said...

If I can walk in yours too & eat just one of those beautiful carrots you're so great at growing! Oh and watch you make ANY of your fruit butters. YUM!
Blessings, Aimee

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

it is a deal!

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