25 August 2009

A Walk in His Gardens: More at Aimee's Place

My weight loss journey is headed in the right direction--down (each week's progress will be on the right side under This Week at Aimee's Place...). I have been careful to watch the amount of calories I am eating but still need to be more consistent on the exercise part). So...how about another walk at my place since I had to be down today nursing a very sore foot? In a weird way I am hoping that doing a cyber walk will almost (NOT) make up for a real one!
Oh well, let's get started anyhow. We'll start in the Woodland-Bird Garden -- because we recently made some changes there.

This is a New Guinea Impatiens (wrong! a begonia). I find this color irresistible! It is just SO perfect a pink and looks so delicate, so pretty, so pink!

Reflections in the bird bath.
AND I'm happy to report we've been honored with visits from the feathered ones here!

A new addition to our gardens is this Dicentra, Bleeding Heart. This one is 'Spring Magic'. The sun rays hit the blossoms just right and made it look rather magical, don't you think?
Although they are not pictured, we added some PNW natives here in this garden bed: more salal, kinnikkinnik, an evergreen huckleberry (love them!) and winterberries. I would like to use a lot of native plants here.

Near the ponds I caught (on film that is) these beautiful leaf shadows on the rocks there. They remind me of plant fossils, which of course reminds me that soon---not too long from now--the mountain roads of Colorado and Utah will be transformed into a photographer's delight of gold and red. Sigh! I love, love, love Aspen in the autumn!

And our own version of autumn is starting here with the laceleaf Japanese maples -- a little at a time.

Pieris in sunlight. This amazing plant does something each season!

Another photo of crocosmia and cosmos. Hopefully you won't tire too much of seeing them before the season ends:)

And what does every cosmos have? Well a mascot bee of course. And yes, I was RIGHT there---I have lost my fear of bees for the most part (and that was after years of getting stung every summer. Of course there are bees, and then there are yellow jackets; since the yellow jackets were my annual summer nightmare as a child, I still don't like them too much!)

I include here the lowly dandelion (seed) -- now I know these little guys are pests which I too mow down. But after a long winter, the bright cheery yellow of these 'weeds' in flower is welcome, albeit for a short time:)
I think they are rather pretty though, don't you?

My best friend was helping me transplant two of our less tamed herbs and when she picked it up, it reminded me of a bouquet---a bouquet of orange mint! Yum:)

I must include the native blackberry here. Although a much hated weed of the PNW, it does--like the dandelion--have its benefits. However, I must confess, these beauties weren't from our gardens. Nope! Here those little stubborn, thorny vines are ripped out before they can produce a single blackberry. Although today I did-for a moment or two-consider trying to tame one of these vines in a raised bed to get some berries.
But thankfully this moment of insanity passed quickly...
BTW-it was almost painful to post this photo here.
Anyone have an idea why that would be?

And last, but not least, is a recent visitor to our raspberry here. In fact, she was right there as I was picking and munching down on a few of the golden, juicy ones.
That stopped when I saw her...praying mantises and bare fingers didn't seem like too good of a match!
And now...since it is about 1:30 AM, I bid you goodnight/morning!
Blessings, Aimee
"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." Numbers 6:24 KJV


sallyo said...

I enjoyed walking through your garden this morning. You have an amazing gift with gardening and photography!

aimee said...

Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed time in the garden with me! You know, had I known you were coming, I would have had some lemonade or iced herbal tea to serve you:)
Blessings, Aimee

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