27 August 2009

A Walk in His Gardens--Northern CA

Keeping another promise (happily)!

Well ... as you can see I am trying hard to be a good girl; all the while I'm being a 'bad' girl by being on the Internet still (and my garden is now a LOT warmer then it was when I started this morning plus the Farmer Boy wants meatloaf tonight). Sigh.

But first things first...
These beautiful photos are from my like-minded kinfolk, who unlike me, their usually cliff avoiding relative, don't mind the 'high places' at all! In fact, having seen some of their really scary hiking photos --- I am sure they're both part mountain goat!

One note here---because it has been awhile since I recieved these, I've forgotten exactly where they were taken. I do believe that they were in northern CA in the mountains there just over the Oregon border (and if I am wrong you'll correct me, right?). A BIG TY for M. Blessings for permission to post these beautiful photos here:)

Aren't the wildflowers beautiful?

Isn't the view gorgeous?


Yea, I know...

mountains and summer just make for an amazing combination!

Other favorite mountain spots for summer wildflowers: Paradise, Mt Rainier; Snowbird, Utah and Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City area.

Photos: this post
© 2009 A. & M. Blessings

(and another BIG TY for all the beautiful photos you've sent me to share M!)

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