09 August 2009

Baby Dear. Baby Granddaughter

When my oldest grandchildren were babies and toddlers, I was working pretty close to full-time in some very stressful work settings and was often too tired +/or stressed out to do a lot with them during any free time I had. This was much to their loss, and to my own, as I believe the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents to be quite important to all generations! In fact I believe that this was part of God’s design for families.
Now time has passed, circumstances have changed and I am relatively free to spend time with the youngest of my five grandchildren and I am loving it needless to say! It is fun to watch her as she explores her world and expresses her unique personality--
  • How she does not like the feeling of grass or my big white dog but still reaches for them anyway.
  • Her many smiles, her pensive looks and even her crying ...
  • Her cute little baby talk!
  • How she curls up in her grandpa's lap and how he interacts with her--bringing her a flower to smell, giving her a drink of water, getting down on the floor to play with her and more!
  • How she reacts with one of my other blessings--her older sibling (and how her older sibling is SO kind and thoughtful of her!)
  • How she likes veggies even more than fruit! Shocking!!

Yep, just everything she is and all that she does captivates us--her blessed grandpatents. So here in her AOTM blog debut is my baby granddaughter (we'll call her Baby G--for Baby Granddaughter!)

May you always see life as a blessing little one for you are one of the greatest blessings in ours!

Love always,


Margaret and Lloyd said...
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Anonymous said...

Gal, you are so talented in the way you've done your blog. I had to go way back and spent a lot of time. You and your hubby certainly have a green thumb. You are blessed to have so much beauty growing around you plus all that wonderful fruit. I will have to come back when I have time to go all the way back. Your Bama cuz.

aimee said...

Hey to my southern cousin!!!
Thanks for visiting & leaving such a nice comment:) Glad you enjoyed the photos of my gardens & such; see it's almost like visiting me (well sort of). Come back & visit anytime--come autumn you will get to see how us northerners do Fall colors!
Blessings always 'Bama Cuz'!

aimee said...

Hey L & M,
Thank you SO much for your comment!Surely I do thank the Lord for grandkids! They are an amazing gift from HIM!
Blessings back at you!

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