01 March 2009

Am I Resolute About My Resolutions?

In the past several weeks I've let all of my New Year's Resolutions slide. These resolutions were more then just 'things to do' tasks, they were life-changes and goals that I considered very important to work on this year..

I feel bad..and yet, not terrible. I realize this is a temporary setback and I know the reasons it occurred. If I dwell on these failures, it won't solve a thing and I'll waste the limited energy I have. It will also bring up old patterns of perfectionism and legalism--negative things I don't need in my life right now. Things which don't get me any closer to God either.

What I am going to do is confess this 'detour' off the right path and rest in God's grace. Today is a new day and a new beginning--I am again heading in the right direction.

Blessings, Aimee

Photo: NW Park -- can you find the robin? He's hard to find:)

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