26 February 2009

The Good & Bad of Seeing Red

Today I was 'seeing red' after hearing some rather distressing news. It was obvious to me that some people have forgotten the age old Golden Rule and replaced it with something of their own making.

Tomorrow, when my anger and hurt have subsided a bit, I will decide how best to deal with this troubling situation. I am sure it wouldn't hurt for me to pray about the matter too.

Despite the fact that today was painful, I'm choosing to end it thinking of blessings and not anger. Surprisingly (not!) the color 'red' comes to mind this evening and since so many good things are red, I thought I'd end the day surrounded by some of the reds I have known...and thanking God for the blessing this color has played in my life.

I used to be a blue girl. In fact, most of my life was spent enamored with the color blue. I loved blue skies, blue oceans, blue plates from England (just dug out of storage not too long ago), powder blue turtlenecks, and the song “Crystal Blue Persuasion”. I loved blue’s cousin too--purple. In fact I had a purple room when I was a teenager with a deep (as in thickness and color) purple carpet in it --which I must confess was often, no usually, covered with -- well teenager stuff and papers. Oh, no! I must be the reason my kids were messy; no wait ... I do remember my hubby's apartment when I first met him:)

Over time though something happened …maybe it was the influence of the red home I spent my young, formative years in--the one with a red kitchen and red brick exterior--or

perhaps it was all those red clothes my mom sewed and bought for me. Or something simple like eating red jello for dessert or a teenage obsession with red jawbreaker candy or my never-ending love for red licorice!! Maybe.

But it could have been Hollywood's influence on my tender, young, impressionable mind too, suggesting that “Dorothy” shoes had special powers which brought you to your nice, safe home when you tapped them together. Hum. Not likely. Actually, the more I think about it...this love for red was probably there all the time, lying dormant for years in my DNA, growing slowly as it was nurtured by my surroundings until…

the time we stayed at a Norwegian-style B & B, decorated in red, white and blue and I wanted -- all of a sudden -- to redo my home.

Actually, when it comes down to it---I think it is all of the above--plus the accumulative effect of being surrounded by this color all year long and every where I go.

So my blessing of the day--red. I embrace the red in my life--except for the 'seeing red' one!

And I still have a soft spot in my heart for blue Bachelor Buttons, blue skies and oceans, blue plates and the song--Crystal Blue Persuasion. But I am kind of over the messy deep purple carpet thing--for now:)
Blessings, Aimee

Photos: summer's red begonias, rose hips in winter, Scandinavian rug, Bernese Mt Dog at festival in Washington, childhood skirt & shoes (I was into kilts), decor from Norwegian B & B in Washington, autumn leaves, flag and view from near the Astor Column in Astoria (Oregon), llamas in rural NW setting, Swedish candlelight set & other decor, Valentine's placemat & napkin set, nisse under tree.

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