01 March 2009

Another Note

Just wanted to let you know I am still in the process of changing things on the blog--I like change ya know (well at least some types of change).

I need to confess right here and now that I've been playing with the photo software program I've had since - like - 2000 or so. I've always used it for improving the quality of my heritage photos (dating from the 1870's), and reducing the size on photos I wanted to upload, but now I've really gotten into 'playing' with it's other capabilities (TY to Pioneer Woman's blog for getting me inspired to 'play' with it--even though it isn't Photoshop. Sigh). You can find some of the fruits of my labor on the blog now-they are kind of experimental fruits. Playing with the software has been way too addicting and fun though--Poor hubby:( He is SUCH a patient man.

One closing note to any of you more experienced and established bloggers (which is probably everyone on blogspot)...I can tell I'm still SO new to blogging! An example: this morning all of my posts suddenly disappeared off the main page when I saved a new one. For a moment there I thought of resetting the blog to private but I stayed calm (OK maybe a little bit of fast breathing and panic there) and figured out I just needed to change one of my settings. And I didn't even have to use blogger help!!! For a moment there though....:)

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