05 March 2009

'Lady' by the Water's Edge

She stands near the pond’s edge,

one solitary ‘lady’ keeping lonely vigil over the fish swimming in the dark, cold waters close by her feet.

She is slender and elegantly dressed in a long form-fitting, stylish gown;

perfectly coifed and of delicate, yet stony features.

She stands there - silent and without complaint,

though she is in great danger.

For this beautiful ‘lady’ is not a picture of peace as one would expect from her kind--

for even now there are those who threaten her well-being and beautiful form;

those of a thorny type-

ones who trespass at will and without regard to boundaries.

Those who are attempting, and have succeeded to a large degree,

in enmeshing this lovely 'lady' in their strong, thorny, suffocating grasp.

They are without feeling, without 'heart', as they spread out in their aggressive push to take over what was once her sole domain.

She stands and is silent;

yet in her silence her despair is eloquent as she seems to cry out for help,

for some kind soul to release her from the grip of those who have entangled her in their ever growing web.

She stands and waits patiently--for it is her lot in life to do so.


But this week,

the one who owns the land heard her wordless pleas for help

and had 'pity' on her.

She grabbed her weapon of choice

and moved carefully out into the yard,

braving all possible dangers of snake, mice and thorn--

as she did battle with the evil ones who have encroached

onto this once serene and peaceful piece of land

working hard to free the elegant 'lady' from the web of weeds and vines

which surrounded and threatened to bury her.

And the 'lady' was and is…grateful,

albeit in her own, very stoic serene way.

'Rescuer' of desperate garden 'ladies' and huckleberry plants,

vanquisher of thoughtless wild blackberry vines and brambles.
Former bad steward of land,
and one who gladly welcomes spring despite its accompanying invasion of noxious weeds,

Just a itty, bitty, tiny, very little view of our weeds AND one elegant garden 'lady' BEFORE her rescue


Kallie said...

YOu are a poet!!

I like the name of your blog....and the spelling of your name...love it!

aimee said...

Thank you so very much for your kind comments and compliments--you made my day:)
Blessings, Aimee
PS: If you ever decide to start a blog please stop by and let me know--I love to read other people's blogs & see the world through their eyes:)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

hehe, aimee, I was signed in under my daughters account! LOL..it was really me "momzoo"...sorry!

aimee said...

Good trick on this Aimee:)
You KNOW I already love visiting your site and reading all you're doing with yellow flowers,newly painted wine colored walls (tan and pudding too!) and birdhouses!
TY very much for visiting and blessings,

aimee said...

OK Aimee!!
I posted the comment above and then figured out (duh!) why you would love the name!!! YOU are too funny!! I am still smiling:)TY for my smile today!!
Blessings, aimee

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