10 July 2009

A Day Like Any Other?

It was a day like any other.
Ran into town to make a deposit and get some groceries; the checker, finding out I enjoyed gardening, let me look at her garden photos--I LOVE it!
Came home, unloaded groceries and took my usual garden tour.
Checked the kiwi--no fruit, just spent blossoms; so very disappointing after an abundance of blossoms this year held so much promise.
Looked at the fruit trees closest to the house--made a note to hang apple maggot traps next year and possibly do some organic, dormant sprays IF we can do so and not hurt the fish (here fish come first--at least as far as the garden is concerned) Hopefully I will be able to salvage at least part of the pears; the apple and Asian pear trees look better.
Oh my! That Swiss chard is BADLY overgrown...feeling guilty now. Wonder if I can still use it? If not then I guess I will replant as I just bought some seeds for a fall harvest.

Ah! The raspberry is looking better and better everyday. Looks like that BIG one may be pretty close to harvest time. I will have to check on that:)
Figs looking good. Quick picture; the slithery ones like this area.
This has been the strangest year in our garden. Not too long ago I was still seeing 1-2 forsythia blossoms and now look at the dogwood. Strange --- and yet beautiful!
Under the kiwi arbor again---checking, checking ---nothing. How about the other side (you know the one I haven't checked). Looking up...what?
Those adorable, fuzzy looking things...that look kind of like baby kiwi are KIWI!!!

And then, now that I know where to look, I find more....
and as I continue to search I find still more.

Yes, it was a day like any other, except it wasn't
God had yet again given us another blessing;
I just had given up looking for it too soon.
Thank you, God.
  • Slightly overgrown Swiss Chard-'Bright Lights'
  • Raspberries-'Anne' (yea I know I posted one the other day, but I can't help myself! I am just SO captivated by this golden raspberry).
  • Fig--Desert King (yes the NW has figs!)
  • Dogwod Kousa 'Cherokee' (still showing color in July!)
  • Kiwi-this is a fuzzy kiwi; I think we have a Haywood. When you grow this type you have to buy a male and female to have fruit. Kiwi can be grown as far north as beautiful (love it there!) Vancouver Island. You will need one sturdy arbor or trellis to grow these on!

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