14 July 2009

Of Birds & Bugs

A beautiful day here in the NW with clear skies and warm, but not too hot, temperatures. Earlier I watered some of the garden, held my baby granddaughter while her mom took care of some things and I'm now inside listening to some very relaxing and, at the same time, uplifting Christian music while I type on a laptop keyboard and scan through recent photos of our garden. Here are a few of them to share with you.

Cilantro & bee.
Yes, with the lovely warmer weather our cilantro has bolted and is on its way to being coriander. Yum, coriander--good for Nordic food!
Robin in the pine.
We have had somewhere between 2-3 bird nests that I know about (probably more) this summer. Often in the day I hear them making melodies.
Did you know that when a bird has a nest and sees a possible threat to their young, that they will try to lure you elsewhere to protect the young in the nest?
One of my favorite insects--the ladybug. Did you hear about the ladybug invasion in one yard in Colorado? Amazing! It looked like a carpet of red on a tree and part of the house. It was beautiful and yet a bit eerie too.
All I can find in our garden is one ladybug on the raspberry but I feel lucky and blessed to have it and I am sure there are more doing the task that God ordained for them to do.
And that is 'the end'.
Wishing you a blessed day!
Blessings always,
as above.

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