05 July 2009

Of Gooseberries

Today I spent a LOT of quality time removing the tips and tails from what was left of our garden's gooseberries. It was interesting...and a bit maddening. Actually it was a lot maddening but worth it...

Now, for those of you who've eaten a gooseberry before you'll understand why someone would be willing to spend hours and hours to preserve these delightful, totally yummy berries--for the rest of you let me tell you about my almost poetic love for them in hopes that you, too, will try some.

How do I love thee oh lovely berry of green? Let me count the ways.

1) You taste a bit like a lemon when you aren't totally ripe and I -- am the original lemon lover. For those of you who like their fruit sweeter, every recipe I have seen calls for sugar so you'll be happy too.
2) When you ripen totally you're a bit like a kiwi, sort of like the gold kiwis I bought last month. Yummy and sweeter then before.

3) You're a pretty little berry--all nice and green (actually I understand some of you come in red too) with a totally cool round design. So cute!!!
4) I am told that you make the best pies and other desserts. I will soon know that for sure, for tomorrow -- if it isn't HOT again -- will be baking day around here:)
5) Preparing you for preservation takes a LOT of time and patience, and I need to practice the latter (actually picking you takes a lot of time and patience too--and a watchful eye for thorns.)
Have any of you ever tried gooseberries and what did you think of them?

Blessings from the land of gooseberries,
Recipe--still hunting around for a good one so no link yet:)
Gooseberries, before the tips and tails were removed. I read that you can do this with either a knife or your fingers, I used the latter and it worked well for me.

Gooseberries, after the tips and tails were removed.

Gooseberries in quart freezer bags (about 3 cups per bag). Dry packed without sugar.

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