05 July 2009


Recently I made an omelet and it turned out well although the photo isn't that great:(

I sauteed some freshly picked Swiss chard, basil, lemon thyme and Greek oregano in a bit of olive oil for a few minutes. After that I moved this veggie-herb mixture to the side of the skillet, added some egg whites into the pan (as these cooked I flipped the veggie-herb mixture on top of it). I sprinkled some salt and pepper on top (lightly!) and then some shredded Parmesan cheese and a bit of bruschetta (capers, garlic, olives, tomato type--purchased "Sicilian").

Very good, albeit a tiny bit spicy -- but then I LOVE spicy--and easy.

What do you use in your omelets?
Or are you more the cereal type (I love whole grain cereal with dried fruit and yogurt)? When I went to YWAM (Hawaii base) for a week of conferences, years ago, we had hot cooked cereal, a granola type cereal topped with seasonal fruit and I think honey too every day.
It was such a GREAT way to start the day! Believe me somehow papaya, pineapple and other tropical fruit tastes SO much better when you are there:)
Other favs of mine are Aebleskivers, Dutch baby pancakes (AKA German pancakes) & Swedish pancakes.
Oh -- I am getting so hungry just thinking about breakfast foods. I had better stop and get to bed. I think my body puts on weight just thinking about food.
Sunday Blessings,
Note: you could, of course use whole eggs and add milk if desired. And yes--I know the 'pancake turner' is really a Nordic cheese slicer but it works great in a pinch:) I should say that I tore both the veggie and herbs into small pieces before cooking them. For those who may not know--Swiss chard tastes similar to spinach.

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