04 August 2009

Walks in His Gardens--For My Little Friend!

Hey there! I am SO sorry this is later then I promised....hope you still like it though!
It was fun having you along! Please tell your mom & dad thanks for letting you come with your grandma & I:)
Hope you enjoy the photos Little Friend (and your grandma too)!
"I'm watching you!"-- per Little Friend's request
(Did I get the caption right?)
You know maybe this looks more like a dinosaur then a bird like I first thought.
What do you think? It's pretty eerie in all the wonderful, cool, autumn-like fog we had at the beach.
TY Little Friend and...
I love you too!

The photos of the eagle weren't good enough to post, but it was exciting to see it and hear its call. Here is the photo I took when we parked along the bay in order to watch the eagle.

And down the road aways--kind of blurry because we were driving but the flower colors are nice:)

And one more--just because I never get tired of this area.
Well I hope you liked the photos--
Have a good night!
Blessings, Aimee
For those who may want to see more views of coastal regions in the NW just click here...

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