30 July 2009

In Honor of the Apricot (and the ONE who made it)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful apricot that came to be in a place of great beauty.
Life was good in that lovely place, and it was there that this little, beautiful fruit (that held the promise of perfection) grew from blossom-hood to maturity--beneath the usually sunny sky under the loving and watchful eyes of its caring farm family.
Before long, the once green baby fruit grew into the orange perfection one would expect from its kind, with just a bit of a rosy blush where the summer sun had kissed its skin.
- And when the little fruit had grown up, the time came for it to leave its apricot-hood home and fulfill its purpose.
(All the wonderful plan of the ONE who had, in the beginning, created the apricot and had given it a very noble and good purpose. The same ONE who had sent the sunshine and rains that had nourished this beautiful fruit all of its life so it could go out and fulfill its God given purpose.)


So one summer day in July very loving hands picked that very same fruit of goodness and perfection, and tenderly placed it into a box with many others of its kind.
And off it went, with some other boxes filled with orangey perfection, to a new place where it would bring great happiness, joy and nourishment to the one who would eat it.

And it did.

And this was good.




Further info:

In this link you'll find a great photo of

2 beautiful apricots.

This photo even won picture of the day:)


Wikipedia article re: apricots here too.



Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Oh I have been elbow deep in apricots all week! Picking, washing, pitting, chopping! Whew! I have 12 pints of apricot butter and today I did 30 pints of jam (I am just processing the last 4 bottles at 12:15 am). Tomorrow (Sunday) is a day of rest then Monday we will be washing, pitting, slicing and jucing to make syrup! I feel like a little squirrel this time of year, gathering food for winter.

aimee said...

GOOD JOB!!!I am eagerly awaiting all of your wonderful apricot recipes; hoping that my bags of frozen, slightly sweetened apricot slices can be made into Momzoo-style apricot butter. The mere thought of THAT on toast on a cold autumn day. Major yummy!!
Have a great Sunday:)
Blessings, Aimee

Anonymous said...
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