30 July 2009

A Summer Day in the Garden

I didn't spend a lot of time in the garden today.
It was hot, though cooler then yesterday, and I had some indoor tasks to take care of -mainly getting 1 huge box of fresh apricots preserved.
Well the morning passed and the afternoon begun and still the apricots weren't done or even started
(I think I was afraid of the what seemed to be an immense task and of course there was that temptor AKA 'the Internet').
But a promise to a hubby is a promise,
so finally this afternoon I tackled them and ...
after some major quality time with
a whole lotta apricots, 2 1/2 bags of raw sugar and some orange honey, a bit of ascorbic acid and a few utensils, I ended up with about 30 cups of apricot goodness enjoying the chilled environment of my freezer space.
Lucky apricots!
I would have ended up with more, but I ate at least a week's worth of vitamin A cleverly disguised in apricot form while I was sitting there slicing them. I figured I might run out of freezer bags and...
they were SO good I couldn't help it!
Really, all my willpower went out the window.
When my friend arrived later in the day to assist me with what was left of the beautiful ones,
I had to beg her to help me control my sudden 'unwonted' attack of apricot gluttony.
She tried but I still managed to sneak some into my mouth--
such was my wicked desire for more of them.
It's a good thing she arrived when she did...
I would probably still be eating them and there would be a lot less in my freezer right now.
Thank God for good friends:)
And now some recent garden photos..
Fresh, juicy strawberries for the picking.
Funny--after so many apricots today these only look a little good.
BUT. I'm sure, once my apricot fullness wears off they will look majorly good:)
These are probably Albions -- planted this spring.

I know this is considered a "noxious weed",
but I think Queen's Anne Lace is SO pretty.
I was actually happy to find some by our bridge:)
Of course if it takes over the garden I may not be so pleased--
after all it just isn't found in any Japanese garden books that I have seen.

Some of our fish enjoying a summer shower--a totally man-made one
(well technically woman-made) unfortunately it was not quite as good as the God-given ones since we're still enjoying unseasonably dry and hot weather here but they do look happy, don't they?
I know I am not minding getting caught under the sprinkler lately either.
Today when I was checking the soaker hose,
I saw the sunlight playing upon the top of this vine.
Pretty I think but beware...wisterias are not as tame as they look!
Ours likes to spread everywhere...like even under our house.
Well tomorrow I am making another trip &
right now an amazing sunset has lit up the whole western sky so...


Brandon M said...

When I was a kid there was strawberry farm where you got paid by the pound for what you picked and loaded. I never made much money, but I ate many a pound of strawberries.

aimee said...

OH Brandon!
I am SO sorry! Somehow I approved your wonderful comment (which reminds me of myself) and neglected to reply to it. TY very much for visiting and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it.

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